Worrying about what you'll eat on holiday? Travelling as a vegan or vegetarian can be challenging, no-one wants to pick at a salad at every restaurant or spend their vacation nights cooking at home.

Whether you're planning your dream trip, or looking for your next remote working location, vegan and vegetarian travellers don't need to settle for bland meals. We've rounded up the best cities in the world for vegan food to help you choose a location that gives you dining options and supports the plant-based lifestyle.

These five cities won't just keep you fed but will allow you to embrace ethical food tourism and truly experience the best of delicious local dishes and ingredients.

5. Mexico City

Mexico City is lauded as a digital nomad hotspot due to its low cost of living, welcoming culture, sunny climate, and mouthwatering food! This lively metropolis is the perfect place for vegetarians and vegans to experience traditional Mexican cuisine.

The food of Mexico City revolves around four plant-based staples: corn, beans, avocado, and chillies, arranged in many flavourful ways. Vegan eateries are plentiful in this city so be sure to try out as many options as possible!

Fill up on a breakfast of creamy Papadzules before touring the Palace of Fine Arts, wander peaceful Chapultepec Park as you chow down on seitan street tacos, or join in the nightlife with a trip to Luvina Vegan Bar. This exciting city knows how to live life to the fullest!

Restaurants/Cafes to Try:
La Pitahaya Vegana
Fat Vegan
Por Siempre Vegana 2

4. Warsaw

You might not have considered Warsaw for your next remote home, but this unassuming city is full of surprises! Vegan and vegetarian nomads will be thrilled by how easy it is to live a plant based lifestyle here.

Warsaw's city centre is home to over 50 ethical eateries featuring food from around the world. If you enjoy Middle Eastern dishes, you'll find no shortage of tasty veggie gyros, moussaka, and labneh at Tel Aviv restaurant. If fish-friendly sushi is more to your taste, pile up your plate with purple rice rolls at Edamame Vegan Sushi.

Local Polish cuisine hasn't missed out on the veggie upgrade! Travellers can devour flavourful Pierogi dumplings, cabbage rolls, and comforting hot Borsch soup.

There's a lot of culinary treasures to enjoy here so we won't blame you if your spend most of your stay eating! Walk off a weekend of feasting, and get familiar with Warsaw's history and culture by taking a stroll around delightful 'Old Town'. Much of this quarter was destroyed during WW2, but the buildings have been faithfully restored, and now Old Town's streets and marketplace are back to their charming pre-war appearance.

Restaurants/Cafes to Try:
Lokal Vegan Bistro
BAJA wegańska cukiernia
Vegan Ramen Shop

3. Berlin

Berlin is an energetic city with a collision of style between the luxurious West half and the gritty East. One thing both sides can agree on is ethical eating!

Berlin welcomes vegetarians and vegans with an incredible range of plant-based foods, from high-end fine dining to breakfast eateries and street food offerings. This city offers healthy cuisine from around the world, but vegetarians really should try scrumptious German dishes Spätzle pasta, tender Spargelzeit asparagus, and crisp Kartoffelpuffer pancakes with applesauce.

Berlin's vegan culture goes deeper than a handful of restaurants or token menu items. This city embraces and normalises a plant-based lifestyle. Travellers looking to save money by cooking at home will find all the ingredients they could want at Berlin's vegan grocery stores and seitan 'butcher' shops! Party-loving vegans will also be delighted to find ethical bars and wine stores. Who said a plant-based diet had to be boring?!

Restaurants/Cafes to Try:
1990 Vegan Living
Secret Garden

2. Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai has a strong reputation as a haven for remote workers, and part of the reason is this city's variety of inexpensive food.

Chiang Mai has a Bhuddist background, encouraging monks to following an ethical vegetarian lifestyle. The city also desires to appeal to the tastes of tourists. Cafes and restaurants here present delicious plant-based dishes from both local and Western cuisines.

Start your morning with a stunning Blue Butterfly Pea Smoothie Bowl, enjoy a healthy feast of Stuffed Cucumber Rolls and Papaya Salad for lunch, and indulge in a hearty Veggie Burger or Vegetable Curry for dinner.

This relaxing city also boasts an abundance of fresh tropical fruit, trendy coffeeshop work-spaces, meditation retreats, ethical elephant sanctuaries, and a friendly community of expats and nomads to connect with.

Restaurants/Cafes to Try:
Aum Vegetarian Restaurant
Alchemy Vegan Cafe
Goodsouls Kitchen

1. London

Animal lovers looking for a variety of foods and activities will find endless options in cosmopolitan London. This stylish city is ahead of the curve when it comes to supporting a healthy lifestyle.

Named the 'Most Vegan-Friendly City in the World' in 2022, London boasts over 1000 vegan restaurants, high tea cafes, and bakeries. There are even specialty vegan cheese shops! As well as foodies, London welcomes ethical shoppers with stylish non-leather shoe stores, clothing, skincare, perfumes, and vegan hairdressing salons.

Start your morning with a traditional big English breakfast of seitan sausages, scrambled tofu, beans, and mushrooms; indulge in a gourmet vegan doughnut before sightseeing the British Museum; or sate your appetite with a greasy meat-free burger before you hit the theatre.

Restaurants/Cafes to Try:
Stem & Glory London Barts
Unity Diner

We hope this list was helpful in deciding your next location!